Your complete partner for construction photography and documentation. Get complete, immersive 3D models of your job site  with our advanced photography equipment that captures the in-depths details and presents them in a real-world view from job start to project completion.

Photography, 3D Scans, Video, All Tied to Project Plans. The Total Solution.

Streamlining Documentation

You have a lot to worry about on your construction site. Managing and coordinating images and files can be time consuming and take away from your other jobs as the lead Contractor or Developer. Our scanning process captures 2D photography and 3D data from your job site and organizes it in a way that’s easy for you to review and manage. The 3D modeling technology integrates with Autodesk ReCap® and Revit® for a process thats faster and more complete than standard 3D laser scanning. Need something custom? Let us know your specific needs and we can accommodate.

Accuracy Within 1%

Not only does each scan only take 20 seconds, the accuracy of our scans allows for exact measurements that reflect the actual project dimensions. This allows you to get a confident overview of your project without having to be onsite. Developers in Houston, Dallas, and all over the country can use our photography and scans to manage their projects right here in Austin, knowing what they see is true to scale.

Matterport Certified

We use the most up to date Matterport technology to give you the most professional final product on the market. We’re not only users but fully certified Matterport Service Partners, meaning we’ve gone through advanced onboarding and training to ensure we are maximizing our technology to deliver you the best 3D photography and documentation.

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